More insecure https samples (batch #2)

SSL Test executed on July 5 2015.

[batch #1 video]
[2 parts post about]

US Department of Homeland Security, Electronic System for Travel Authorization
US Custom and Border Protection (likely API endpoint for online payments)
Arkansas Judiciary portal
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
Oklahoma State Treasure Office
US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
US Payment system used by various state and local agencies
US Govt. Malware Submission Form
French State Department Cooperation portal
Italian National Security Information System
Dutch Department of Infrastructure and Environment
Portoguese Secure Authentication Service for access to public services online
Portoguese Health Data Platform
Peruvian Department of Defense
US Military Webmail
US Department of Defense Identity Management
Civil and Defense Aerospace Industry
European Space Agency
Juniper Networks
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. is the world's seventh largest telecommunications company
Global ICT solutions provider with 15,000 employees and offices in 51 countries
LoginWall mission is to improve Web security and increase online safety
Network, IT security and monitoring
Spanish postal service
Jobs database (Alexa #99, Heartbleed on July 2015)
Italian Telecom company
Market-leading credit management company in Europe
Online Payments company
Dutch bank
US bank
US Investments company
UK based Global Insurance
German Automotive
Groningen University Medical Center
Historical italian network
UNICEF Italy, donations page
Tyres industry
University of California, Los Angeles


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